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Mental Health Program

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About Danit

Dr. Danit Erlich is a community educator and consultant on topics related to youth & adult mental health, suicide prevention, wellness and resilience.

Danit has 15 years of teaching experience and a PhD in Criminology. Danit teaches Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid, Mental health in the workplace, Suicide prevention, Stress reduction, Resilience in the workplace and Teen resilience and thriving classes through many organizations, companies, school districts, faith communities and more.


Benefits from bringing Danit's trainings to your workplace:

  1. The live training provides personalized guidance and support based on the specific needs and concerns of the audience. ​

  2. Danit adapts the content to meet the unique needs of the audience. She tailors examples and discussions to make the training more relevant and engaging for them.

  3. The real-time interaction will enhance engagement and understanding of the material.

  4. The audience can share experiences and learn from one another. This can contribute to a sense of community and support. 

  5. Q&A Opportunities

What Participants Say

I feel more empowered to be able to recognize and support someone in need of help. It was a great class and should be mandatory. 
Danit Erlich made me feel safe and welcome. The level of empathy and reassurance she showed throughout the class was perfect for this subject matter.
Testimonials of participants who took Adult MHFA with Danit
Testimonial of a counselor who brought Teen Resilience class to high school students 
Testimonials of school staff who took Youth MHFA with Danit
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Danit is one of the most efficient, effective mental health first aid trainers available. She brings vast experience and passion to each of her trainings, and cares about the individuals she is educating.  She has great attention to detail and is able to manage online production and a full class.  The management of her classes allows us at NAMI Eastside to schedule them and leave them in her capable hands without additional work on our part.  We received great reviews from the attendees and we look forward to working with her for future classes. .”

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—  Barbie Collins Young, Executive Director

NAMI Eastside

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