Adult & Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Sometimes first aid isn't a bandage or CPR.

It's the skills and knowledge
to help others in crisis

Dr. Danit Erlich (Ph.D.) trained more than 500 people from the general community as well as employees working in profit and non-profit organizations.
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Prevention Tool
evidence-based program
Youth MHFA Class
5.5 hours in-person or zoom class
Adult MHFA Class
6 hours in-person or zoom class
warning signs of mental health challenges
Reach Out
and help them open up
Give Hope
and provide initial help
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Great presenter. I had taken a MHFA course a few years ago during an internship for my community health program, and I did not really like the way it was presented. This one was much more engaging, effective, and realistic.

Although I feel I'm pretty aware of how people from different cultures can see the same situation very differently (I lived out of the USA for 5 yrs, traveled 30+ countries), how you shared examples was a great refresher for me. We need to know that not everyone will experience a situation how we do. 

It is a great first step in moving our culture away from the negative stigma of mental health struggles.

I feel more empowered to be able to recognize and support someone in need of help. It was a great class and should be mandatory. 

Greater Seattle Area

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Adult MHFA Class

6 hours in-person or zoom class