Individual and Couple Coaching 

Parent Coaching will start first by understanding your challenges and from there we will focus “forward” by setting goals to overcome your challenges and applying new strategies. At the end of each session you will get homework - a list of action steps that will help you get closer to fulfilling your goals. 


  • Customized to your family challenges and personality

  • We will meet every week/every other week at your convenient time for 60-75 minutes. 

  • You can choose the topic at the beginning of every session. 

  • Every week you can choose between face-to-face coaching, phone calls or Skype.

 Interactive Workshops 

Interactive workshops for either a group of parents or parents & youth together.

The workshops  are  interactive through group processing and role playing.  

The workshops designed to create understanding and empathy, offer new and better channels of communication between parents and their teens and focus on how to interact positively and how to reduce conflicts. 


  • One time workshop

  • Affordable

  • Fun and dynamic 

  • Easy techniques to implement at home


Contact me to learn how you can bring a workshop to your school, community or organization.

Parent Education Group

Learn about a variety of parenting challenges and share your challenges in an interactive and nonjudgmental group coaching. Learn variety of parenting skills and practice them through roll playing. Get homework and share with the group what worked in your house and what not. 

  • The groups are divided by age of the children and stages of development.

  • The groups meet for 2 hours once a week for at least 6  consecutive weeks.

  • Every week the parents will explore a different topic/challenges and will get assignments to work at home that associate to the relevant topic.


  • Affordable

  • You'll meet  and share with other parents who experience similar challenges

"Me and my husband recently attended the Improving communication with teens &pre teens workshop led by Danit. We are parents to a teen and pre teen boys and this workshop was very helpful for us. The workshop started with presentation explaining what are the keys to good communication with teens and which tools we can use to improve it.And followed by role-playing where parents practiced the tools to resolve problematic situations with teens. Great workshop , Thank you Danit!". Ira Tenenbaum
"Danit is a great listener. She gave me great tools and the confidence to be a better parent. The sessions with her gave me the perspective to look at parenting problems from a different angle, keep calm and solve them. I learned a lot from her and I'm very grateful to have met her.Karen Burman

Serving the Greater Seattle Area 


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