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Parents and Tweens/Teens

You are a good parent / caregiver! 
Sometimes you just need to tune your parenting style to fit the age of your child and the situation.
In my workshops and in coaching or mediation you will learn new parenting skills and sharpen old ones.
How do I choose the right service for me and my family?
First step: Read below to see what services I provide.


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"Let's Talk" Workshop

for parents/caregivers and teens

A 3-day workshop that will allow you and your teen to understand each other better and create an effective communication channel using the S.A.F.E conversation steps.

The first day is for parents/caregivers only.

The second day is for

teens only.

The third day is for parents/caregivers and teens together.


S.A.F.E. Talk Workshop

for parents/caregivers 

Improve communication and reduce confrontation with your teen using S.A.F.E steps.

In this 3-session workshop you will learn what the S.A.F.E communication model is and how to apply it effectively when you are talking with your teen. You will also learn the do’s and don’ts of communicating with your teen and practice the S.A.F.E steps in a breakout room with other parents and caregivers.


Coaching / Mediation services 

Rock Balancing


for parents/caregivers 

Coaching helps parents set and achieve goals related to their parenting and relationships with their tween/teen by providing support, strategies and tools.

Coaching process:
We will start first by understanding your parenting challenges and from there we will focus “forward” by setting goals to overcome those challenges and applying new strategies.

At the end of each session, you will get action steps to implement at home. 


Customized to your family's challenges and personality.

We can meet in person (Seattle area) or virtual via zoom.

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for parents/caregivers and teens 

Mediation offers a safe environment for communication with a structured process to promote a behavioral change from within the family members. It also provides an opportunity to ‘think outside of the box’ by looking at creative problem solving and resolutions.

Step 1: 

The mediator meets each party separately and explores the key issues, share ways to voice the issues, and to be open to listening to different perspectives on that issue.

Step 2: 

The parties meet together with the mediator who guides the conversation and ensures each person has the opportunity to express their viewpoint.

Second step: What are your preferences?
What is the severity of your situation at home with your tween/teen?

Are effective for everyone but focus more on prevention and early intervention.
Is relevant to parents/caregivers who are looking for more than a 2-day workshop or for parents/caregivers who prefer to work on their issues in a one-on-one setting. 
Is more effective in situations when the teen and/or parents feel that every talk turns to an argument, when the teen or parents/caregivers don't listen and compromise, when the parents/caregivers feel that the teen doesn't listen to them ("do what they want") or follow their house rules, or when it seems that the teen is keeping all in and don't share with their parents/caregivers. Mediation is not therapy! The mediator leads a process that helps each party to listen, build understanding, and identify ways to work together to meet each party's needs.



Me and my husband recently attended the Improving communication with teens &pre teens workshop led by Danit. We are parents to a teen and pre teen boys and this workshop was very helpful for us.

The workshop started with presentation explaining what are the keys to good communication with teens and which tools we can use to improve it.

And followed by role-playing where parents practiced the tools to resolve problematic situations with teens.

Great workshop , Thank you Danit!

Danit knows how to break down that wall of insecurity you build up in your mind, when moving to a new country, which puts you in a place of clear minded decision making. Her advice is always on the dot, because she is so knowledgeable, in so many areas. She is always ready to listen, and helps you focus on what your next step should be, letting you decide the steps. She helped me in so many areas of our new life here, some she probably didn’t even realize she was helping me with; from our children’s education decisions to our professional ones. And while coaching me, she guided me in better understanding and dealing with social experiences and at the same time giving me tools to better organize my time. I am forever grateful for everything!!


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