Why should you hire a cross culture coach?

  1. There are so many things to learn and almost no one to ask about them.

  2. You need to learn all of this while dealing with your kids' feelings and behaviors related to the move.

  3. Your spouse needs to adjust to a new job with a different work culture, and you may feel that almost everything is on your shoulders. 

  4. And what about you? Helping the family adjust to the area can be tiring and draining, and sometimes feel lonely.

You don't have to do it by yourself. I can help you and your family adjust to the new environment, more easily and effectively.

Choose between:

One-On-One sessions OR 

International Group Coaching

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Here are some of the areas where coaching can help:

  • Learning about different programs and places in the area, that are relevant to your family

  • Identify solutions for family issues created by the stress of relocation

  • Building a day-to-day routine 

  • Help you "break the ice" in getting engaged with the local community

  • Getting clarity about your values, needs and desires 

  • Help the stay-at-home parent find a new career or make constructive use of time abroad

Whether you moved to the area lately or a few years ago, Cross-Culture coaching can help you create a more fulfilling life in the US. 

"Danit provided an excellent presentation to new families in the Lake Washington School District. She is a fantastic community resource". Sarah Hawes Kimsey

"As not a first time relocated person I can definitely say that Danit helps in so many ways. First to have this opportunity, none of the previous places that we relocated have this coatch/ opportunity. Second Danit knowledge is amazing, personal experience and general advice can lead you to make right decisions". Inbar Kofler Hoch

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