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Michal Osher

Danit knows how to break down that wall of insecurity you build up in your mind, when moving to a new country, which puts you in a place of clear minded decision making. Her advice is always on the dot, because she is so knowledgeable, in so many areas.
She is always ready to listen, and helps you focus on what your next step should be, letting you decide the steps.
She helped me in so many areas of our new life here, some she probably didn’t even realize she was helping me with; from our children’s education decisions to our professional ones. And while couching me, she guided me in better understanding and dealing with social experiences and at the same time giving me tools to better organize my time.
I am forever grateful for everything!!

Calm Sea

Dror Brumer

It is not easy to be the new one at a new location. My wife and I relocate a few month ago, and although we planned it a lot and try to be ready as much as we can - there is no option to really do it. We had two meeting with Danit, talked mostly about the psychology, emotions, and feelings, and with Danit's help, we met also new people from different cultures that also just relocate and going through the same things we are. sometimes talking with someone that going through the same thing you are quite helping. I really recommend Danit- she helps us a lot and always ready and available to help us more along the way.

Calm Sea

Irene Neumann

Danit presented her America 101 talk to international families at the Lake Washington School District's / PTSA's joint Welcome Events in October, 2018. The presentation focused on cultural norms around a myriad of topics pertaining to growing up in the PNW, from scheduling play dates and birthday parties to key holidays to involvement in schools. Her talk was informational and engaging as she focused on many of the things parents of children who have recently moved to the US can expect or should be aware of for their child, I can wholeheartedly recommend Danit for presentations and one on one consultations! You would be in excellent hands!.

Calm Sea

Greta Climer

I recently took Danit's Youth Mental Health First Aid class and was really impressed! She brought experience, knowledge and finesse to what could have been a long, dry day, but instead was wholehearted and expansive. I'm seeing benefits of skills she shared in my parenting life and know I am also better equipped to support the youth in our community as a result of Danit's generous teaching. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Danit!

Calm Sea

Ira Tenenbaum

Me and my husband recently attended the Improving communication with teens &pre teens workshop led by Danit. We are parents to a teen and pre teen boys and this workshop was very helpful for us. The workshop started with presentation explaining what are the keys to good communication with teens and which tools we can use to improve it.And followed by role-playing where parents practiced the tools to resolve problematic situations with teens. Great workshop , Thank you Danit!

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